What is Creatine?

What is Creatine? One of the most frequent we get asked, Creatine is great for helping you to build muscle size and strength but is not a growth hormone (i.e steroid) it is a substance that is already found your muscle cells, it also helps your muscles produce more energy while you train and aids with recovery.

Creatine has similarities with amino acids it also can be found in red meats
especially steak.

The top six health and benefits of using creatine are

1 - Helps muscle cells produce more energy
2 - Supports many other functions in muscles
3 - Improves high intensity exercises performance
4 - Speeds up muscle growth
5 - May reduce fatigue and tiredness
6 - Safe and easy to use

There are many other great benefits from using creatine, it’s recommended that you drink slightly more water as creatine may cause cramping and dehydration.

When using creatine or any supplements make sure you follow the instructions correctly to get the desired results, creatine may cause problems if you take certain types of medications, including medications that affect blood sugar.

When it comes to dosages its recommended to take 5grams a day and stay consistent. Theres talk of what they call a "loading stage' where which for the first 7-10days you take 10-15grams but our opinion this isn't necessary. 

Please follow all guidance on the label of the product you are taking as dosages can vary depending on the product. We are NOT trained doctors or nutritionist.    

Written by our athlete Ian Stevenson and Chezney Jeffs

Author Ian Stevenon (Picture above) & Chezney Jeffs